Types of Websites

You have options when building a new website and as the Internet evolves your options increase. 

Your website may be a Classic IZIO Website or a Custom Designed Website, but your online website presence may not end there. Digital Solutions can develop a series of  micro sites or a mobile site to compliment your core website. These decisions can be worked out during your free marketing consultation, or click on the badges below to learn more about each option. 

Every Website Starts with IZIO

  • Designed for Any Budget
  • Effective & Easy to Use
  • Custom Developed for Maximum Flexibility

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E-Commerce Websites

  • Sell Your Products Online
  • Automatically Calculate Tax & Shipping
  • Share Purchases with Friends

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Micro Sites

  • Increase Your Online Exposure with Multiple Websites
  • Direct Users to a Comprehensive Website
  • Target Search Engines

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Personal Websites

  • Developing a Personal Brand
  • Impress Potential Employers
  • Organize Your Online Persona

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Responsive Websites

  • The Best Option for Mobile Marketing
  • Flexible Design for Multiple Devices
  • The Most User Friendly Website in Existence

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