Free Marketing Consultations

At Digital Solutions you work with a team of skilled professionals to develop your new website. The first meeting you will have is a free marketing consultation to help make sure that we start the project with a good plan.

First five steps to a good website plan:

1. Write a one sentence summary of your purpose and goals.

2. Gather all of your content.

3. Write an outline of your content.

4. Make a flow chart with a logical information flow.

5. Determine how your website will satisfy your visitors immediate needs.

During the process we will identify the specific keywords that your website will target on search engines.

Search Engines

Depending on how competitive your keywords are, showing up on search engine results could take time.

When planning for search engines we need to identify the main keywords that you want your website to target. Including these keywords in your content is the most important thing that we will do. Each page in your website needs a title, description and keywords. The keywords for each page are probably not going to be the same, and should match the content on the page.

For instance, our website has a page for Custom Websites and a separate page for Mobile Websites. The content on each page will differ because the producst are different. That means the page title, description and keywords will differ. Each page will still identify Websites as a keyword, but other than that the keywords will be different. See our Search Engine Optimization page for more detailed information.

In addition to planning for organic search results you should consider search engine business accounts and advertising.

Each major search engine allows you to sign up an account in their business directory. This helps your chances if users search for specific keywords related to your business.

Search engine advertising can be a cheap way to show up in specific search results. You set your own budget and can determine how much you are willing to spend on each click.

Social Media

We've all heard of Facebook and Twitter, but you may not know how to take advantage of them for business purposes.

Our marketing consultants stay informed on the latest online marketing trends with social media and can help you understand if you should, or how you can utilize them for marketing purposes. Social media can be good for strengthening customer relationships, generating traffic to your website, keeping fans informed, getting valuable feed-back, and more.

You will need to determine what resources to use and how to use them.

Online Profiles

There are many websites that you can use to promote your business. You should set up online profiles in multiple places and integrate them into your new website. These profiles typically come in the form of directories or link sharing. Link sharing is a great opportunity for search engine optimization.

Our consultants can guide you through several websites that you should include in your online marketing plan.  

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