Digital Solutions, Team Members
Digital Solutions is a team of experienced marketing professionals specializing in website development ...

Josh White
Josh is a Software, Web Developer and Graphic Designer extraordinaire at Digital Solutions. He was the runner up for Mr. Universe in 1995. 

Cari Cantrell
Cari is Senior Graphic Designer here at Digital Solutions. She is also a retired astronaut.

Patrick Montelongo
Patrick is content editor, office assistant and pool shark.

Katrina Chandler
Katrina is Graphic Designer here at Digital Solutions. She is known for her expert deep sea diving skills.

Gerard Hinderlich
Gerard is Project Manager / Director of Sales and Marketing here at Digital Solutions. He is known for defending the galaxy and flying throughout space in his Millennium Falcon.

Best Website Development
Digital Solutions specializes in website development. Custom websites at affordable prices. 

Design a Business Website
Effective and efficient business websites designed by a team of experienced professionals. 

Website Experts
Websites are an important part of your business marketing. You need an expert team that you can trust. 



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