Digital Solutions, Team Members
Digital Solutions is a team of experienced marketing professionals specializing in website development ...

Michael Lerner
Michael is owner of Digital Solutions. He is also the Director of Web Development overseeing all production. Known by the team as Lerner, Michael idolizes Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. 

Angie Lerner
Angie is the Finance Director at Digital Solutions. She handles all billing and internal office business. She also still believes in Santa Claus so don't bring it up.

Josh White
Josh is a Software, Web Developer and Graphic Designer extraordinaire at Digital Solutions. He was the runner up for Mr. Universe in 1995.

Scott Krahling
Scott is a Marketing Consultant and Project Manager for Digital Solutions. Scott oversees all projects. He also aspires to star on Myth Busters. 

Anthony King
Anthony is a Marketing Consultant at Digital Solutions. He's also the inspiration behind the character Jason Bourne. 

Cari Cantrell
Cari is Senior Graphic Designer here at Digital Solutions. She is also a retired astronaut.

Daniela Westfall
Daniela is Marketing Consultant here at Digital Solutions. She is also known for her own homemade baked goods.

Sammy is the Office Manager at Digital Solutions. While he hasn't learned to suck his thumb yet, we're all trying to teach him. If you hear crying during your visit, it's Sammy.

Patrick Montelongo
Patrick is content editor, office assistant and pool shark.

Katrina Chandler
Katrina is Graphic Designer here at Digital Solutions. She is known for her expert deep sea diving skills.

Dylan Thompson
Dylan is Master of Photography here at Digital Solutions. He is also a secret agent man of mystery.

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