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Preserve your memories today and allow Digital Solutions to take your old home videos, 8mm tapes, hi-8, DV tape, or VHS-C tapes and transfer them to DVD. Each DVD holds up to 2 hours of footage. Using state of the art equipment, your tapes go through an all-digital process resulting in an outstanding final product. Digital Solutions can edit dead space and unwanted footage, add bookmarks that make it easy to maneuver your way to your favorite memory, and even add background music of your choice. Order as many copies as you like, they make a great gift that keeps on giving. Remember, digital lasts ten times longer than video - come in with a video, leave with a legacy.

Video Transfers: Video on tape loses quality over time while the digital quality of DVD has a 100 year shelf life. Preserve your memories by transferring them onto DVD. Digital Solutions' video staff can do a direct transfer or edit your movie, add background music and transitions, and include chapter markers.

Video Editing: Take out unwanted footage from your "amateur" days as a home videographer. Even the best of the best need editing, and our team of videographers can help take out footage and create a clean copy of your memories. Editing your home movies can help shorten the amount of video transferred and save you time and money in the long run.

Direct Transfer: Digital Solutions can do a direct transfer of your tape to DVD. This form of transfer is the most basic and allows for uninterrupted playback of your memories. All materials that are on the original copy will be transferred to DVD.

Background Music: Choose from a variety of songs in the Digital Solutions music library or bring us your favorite song and we can put it behind your childhood videos. A great idea for Christmas gifts and a great way to add character to your silent films.

Transitions and Effects: Adding transitions to your movies is like adding cherries to an ice cream sundae. Include zoom in and out effects, pan effects, and special text features to enhance your home productions.

Chapter Markers: Chapter markers are a nice way to organize and share your old movies. Organize your project by date, person, or location and easily navigate to certain sections of your movie. Chapter markers can be set in specific locations throughout your movie or on a standard time basis.

If you would like us to transfer your video project, you may stop by or mail your order to our office at 1100 S. Main, Suite 110, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005.

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