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Two years ago I helped a political candidate set up and run a Facebook Page. If you've ever set up a page before, you know that it's pretty easy. I convinced him to set up automated posts through Hootsuite. Basically, we went in once a month and loaded Hootsuite up with comments and then scheduled them to come out on a daily basis. Sounds easy, right? 

Guess what, it was easy. Really easy. And back in 2010 I did it a few times with a few different clients. We also helped people set up their blogs to automatically post on ... Continue Reading

If you still haven't heard of Pinterest you're missing out because it's tons of fun. 

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where people share and organize all the wonderful things they find online. My wife organizes recipes (and then sends them to me since I'm the cook in the house), decorating ideas, fascinating places to travel to, and just all around fun stuff. In addition to these ideas, I organize ideas for website and graphic design. 

The bottom line is that Pinterest is useful and your business should be utilizing it as a part of your social networking plan. It will ... Continue Reading

When I get asked about Search Engine Optimization I usually start the conversation talking about Google and what their goals are. 

Google's mission is the organize the world's information. And they try to make the best information the most accessible. That's why websites with good content tend do better in search results. That's not to say that bad websites can't trick search engines, but they do so a great expense and won't last long at the top. 

Why? Because Google's goal is to provide consumers with the best search results. That means the websites that you visit ... Continue Reading

Would you pay an actor to go to Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce events and pretend to be you? 

Then why would you pay someone to pretend to be you on Facebook. Over the past few years it has become more popular for advertising agencies to try and sell content development plans that include posting comments on your behalf on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or what ever other social network is the flavor of the day. 

Don't get me wrong, I get it. You're busy. Your market share is dropping. Is it the ... Continue Reading

When I talk to friends about what I do, they frequently ask "when are businesses going to stop cramming their sales messages down our throats." 

I think the essence is, will there ever be a social network that's about being fun and social, not just another place for the used car salesmen of marketing to make us feel awkward. 

I agree with the essence of the message. While I try to help people understand how social media is used for marketing purposes, I focus my message on the importance of being genuine, social and building relationships. That means most of you shouldn't ... Continue Reading