Scrapbooking Your Business With Facebook Timeline

If I hear one more person complain about Facebook Timeline, my head may explode (go ahead, test that theory in the comments).

It's not that I think Timeline is the greatest thing since Pintrest, but it's the platform that Facebook offers and it isn't that much different than what you had two months ago. I do, however, look forward to seeing the haters petitioning to add a 28 Amendment to the Constitution establishing our right to keep social networks from evolving. 

Until that happens, let's make due with what we have. And Facebook has now introduced Timeline for Pages. Here are a few things that you need to know before you transform your Page:

Default landing pages are gone. 

Photos, Likes and Aps are at the top. 

You can move things to to the top or change how they are featured by hovering over them. 

Your administration panel is different and I think better. 

You need a cover photo (851 pixels by 315)

You can now change your page name!

Learn more about Facebook's Vision for Timeline.

Ideas for Your Timeline

Think of Timeline as scrapbooking for your business. You can add photos to specific dates, so if you have a ribbon cutting picture from your business's grand opening ceremony in 1985, add it. You can also add specific posts to specific dates, so if something really important happened on April 1, 2005, add it. The point is that you can now trace the history of your business on Facebook. Some of your clients may like that. 

You also get a larger image to feature your business. Get creative, but remember that people don't want to spend multiple seconds trying to figure out where they are. The best image will have one message that is easy and clean. 

What Not To Do

The other day I came across an individual's Timeline that was cluttered with messages from what seemed like 10 different businesses he owns. If you're goal is to present yourself or your business as a desperate used car salesman, then I suggest taking this route. However, for those of you who would like to present yourself and your business as a professional organization with a simple and effective message, you might want to try something else. 

What Others Are Doing:

Don't just look at the top image. Remember, your timeline is more than just a big picture. Your Timeline is a scrapbook for your business. Spend some time adding content. Here are a few pages that have spent some time making the Timeline interesting.

Okay, now if you have a Facebook Page, either plan on spending some time transforming your page, or star organizing the campaign for the 28 Amendment. 


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