Blogs' from March of 2012

When I talk to friends about what I do, they frequently ask "when are businesses going to stop cramming their sales messages down our throats." 

I think the essence is, will there ever be a social network that's about being fun and social, not just another place for the used car salesmen of marketing to make us feel awkward. 

I agree with the essence of the message. While I try to help people understand how social media is used for marketing purposes, I focus my message on the importance of being genuine, social and building relationships. That means most of you shouldn't ... Continue Reading

If I hear one more person complain about Facebook Timeline, my head may explode (go ahead, test that theory in the comments).

It's not that I think Timeline is the greatest thing since Pintrest, but it's the platform that Facebook offers and it isn't that much different than what you had two months ago. I do, however, look forward to seeing the haters petitioning to add a 28 Amendment to the Constitution establishing our right to keep social networks from evolving. 

Until that happens, let's make due with what we have. And Facebook has now introduced Timeline for Pages. Here ... Continue Reading