Blogs' from February of 2012


I know, I know, all of you have already heard of these, used them and have moved on to something much cooler, but a good list must start somewhere. 

Several of my clients have asked me for a list of the resources I use online. I finally decided that sharing ... Continue Reading

We admit it, at Digitial Solutions we spend way too much time on Facebook. I guess that's what you get when following online trends and setting up blogs is part of your job. 

However, when Lerner walked in on me today and said "get off Facebook already," I replied "I'm researching for our next blog!"

So now I have no choice but to write a blog about Facebook. 

The Best Las Cruces Facebook Pages

(Other than Digital Solutions and Scott Krahling is my County Commissioner, or course)

5. Stearns Custom Homes

A key part of a successful Facebook Page is good content on your ... Continue Reading

Pinterest is the latest and greatest social media site. It is essentially a virtual pin board / bookmarking site, providing a fun and easy way of keeping track of all your photos, recipes, and articles. It also enables you to follow friends and even strangers who share your same interests. Here are some tips for businesses and companies trying to build up their brand:

1. First thing is first, sign up and start building up your boards! The reason Pinterest is become so successful is the visual aspect of the site, this gives the business owner the opportunity to post pictures from ... Continue Reading

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