When a new client comes into my office one of the first questions I ask is: do you have photos.

Most people like photos. They're easy. They're pretty. And how does that old saying go? Oh yeah, they say 1,000 words. If she doesn't have photos then they're even further behind then they realize.

However, photos have even more importance than just looking pretty and showing yourself off. They actually should be driving traffic to your site. Here are two ideas on the subject.

1. Post your photos in multiple locations. is a great example. You post your photos on Flickr ... Continue Reading

Jan 2nd, 2012 By: Scott Krahling
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To Infinity & Beyond - That's where Buzz Lightyear's going and if you're in business, your marketing ideas better be going there too.

Marketing is evolving and we have to make decisions today without knowing what the future will bring. This is why we need to be educated and prepared based on what has happened leading up to today, but focussed on tomorrow. For fun, let's call this Buzz Lightyear Marketing. 

Continuing trends like newspaper subscriptions are declining and the Internet is growing, forcing your marketing strategy to evolve. I posted a blog a year ago about killing the old cliche that you waste ... Continue Reading

If we don't evolve we fade away into obscurity.

For the last few years we've see social media as the new evolution in marketing but it's hard to pinpoint exactly why or how it works.

It is helpful to think about this evolution in the context of the overall evolution of the economy.

The participatory concept isn't new. It involves having a relationship and interaction in the decision making of the businesses that you work with and it's actually as old as economies themselves.

I recently participated in a webinar with leading marketing specialists about the evolution of marketing and what appears to be ... Continue Reading

Dec 22nd, 2011 By: Digital Soluitons
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By Mark Kitanga

Take a moment to compare the two main phone technologies - cellular vs. landline. How have mobile phones in the 2000s alone advanced? When the decade started they finally became mainstream, led by those popular candy bar phones and basic monophonic ringtones. In just one decade, they became full-fledged, all-in-one multimedia devices capable of complex computing and communication. Along the way they acquired the capabilities of text messaging, chirping, color screens, polyphonic ringtones, e-mail, office productivity programs, MP3 music playback, web browsing, photography, video, editing, multi-purpose gaming, touch screens, and sophisticated applications. All that in just 10 years!

Now ... Continue Reading

Feb 24th, 2010 By: Digital Soluitons
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From Mashable - Web Faceoff: Adobe Flash vs. HTML5

Every week, we pit two web apps or companies against each other in our web faceoff series. In the past, we've put Android vs. iPhone, Digg vs. Reddit, and Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard order to see which one was truly the people's choice.

This week, we're tweaking the competitors a bit. Over the last few weeks, you may have heard about a battle brewing between Adobe and Apple. It all started when Apple ... Continue Reading