From Mashable - LinkedIn Vs. Facebook: Who Profiles Better?

In another move to increase personalized value by mimicking Facebook, LinkedIn has added a few new features to its homepage. LinkedIn has been tweaking its homepage for months now, and most of the updates have been very similar to what we see on Facebook. I'm sure it's common knowledge by now, but everybody is taking cues from Facebook.

This week seems particularly ripe for profile updates, however, with FacebookContinue Reading

From Mashable - TWEET IDEAS: 13 Things to Do on Twitter Besides Tweet

Tired of delivering the typical stream of status updates on Twitter? Why not try some of the following ideas for other things you can do with the service?

Thanks to an open API and a philosophy of interconnectivity, Twitter's vast array of third-party services has you covered on a number of alternative uses for the famed microblogging tool.

Let's take a look at a few ... Continue Reading

Aug 21st, 2009 By: Digital Soluitons
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From Mashable - Facebook Connect vs. Sign in with Twitter: Fight!

Twitter has quietly given some developers access to a new feature, Sign in with Twitter, which uses Twitter's new OAuth technology to allow people to log into and access 3rd party websites using their Twitter accounts. Sound familiar?

On the surface, this has striking similarities to Facebook Connect, the Facebook version that allows users to access 3rd party websites using a Facebook ... Continue Reading

From Examiner - LinkedIn groups - are you building relationships for job networking?

By now, many people have had some exposure to social media, and are aware of some of the more popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It's probably safe to say that many professionals, especially job seekers or those in career transition have used LinkedIn to some extent. With the rash of layoffs that began at the end of last year, one beneficiary was job networking site LinkedIn. LinkedIn saw a huge increase in visitors, as posted in the TechCrunch article on February ... Continue Reading

From Mashable - HOW TO: Use Facebook for Professional Networking

Boris Epstein is the CEO and Founder of BINC, a Professional Search Firm that specializes in the Software Marketplace. Boris shares his thoughts about the recruitment industry, job hunting and career advice at

Ask anybody why they use Facebook, and most people will respond with reasons like staying in touch with friends, or being able to share pictures. Rarely does one's professional life ever get mentioned when describing the social network. When it ... Continue Reading

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